Super Kernal Basmati: Super Kernal is the finest variety of rice. Characterized by a unique aroma, extra length and slender grain, Basmati tastes delicious. The Average Grain Length (AGL) is 7.00mm & above.

Long Grain 386 Rice, special quality rice, has been gaining international recognition as one of the best qualities of diet rice. Though it is counted as Non-Basmati Rice but its aroma and cooking results match the Basmati Pk-385.

Basmati Rice PK-385

IRRI 6 White Rice

IRRI-9 White Rice

Brown Rice: Brown Rice is the least processed form of rice. It has the outer hull removed, but still retains the bran layers and germs are still intact. The bran layers give this type of rice its characteristic tan color and nut-like flavor. The outside layer of the bran gives this rice a chewier texture than white rice.

Parboiled Rice: Husked rice that first has been heat tempered, soaked in warm water under pressure and dried before milling; this process allows the inner kernel to retain more of the vitamins and minerals from the bran layer which also clarifies the more yellow kernel after it has been milled. Parboiled rice is healthier than white rice.

Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of rice in the world. Pakistani Super Basmati Rice is non-sticky and its slender, beautiful grain almost triples in size after cooking, while each grain remains separate from the other. We export high quality rice that is known for its purity, flavor and length. Tilled and tended to perfection, our unique rice has a long grain texture and its exotic aroma leaves nothing more to be desired.

The whiffs of its fragrance and its delightfully delicate flavor overwhelm the connoisseur of food. The most pleasing features of the Pakistani basmati are its inviting fragrance, its exquisite flavor, elegant form and tasteful softness. The other variety of rice is IRRI. The grain of this rice is fine, long, has round tips, and is preferred by consumers who like non-aromatic rice.